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5 Sleep Cab Features Ideal For Completing Office Work

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If you drive a semi truck for a living, then the cab of your truck often becomes your personal bedroom, kitchen, and office. Completing office work like accounting, budgeting, and general paperwork can become really crowded when sitting behind the wheel. When shopping for commercial trucks for sale, there are a number of sleeper cabs that have features and accessories ideal for office work. By knowing these features, you can find exactly what you're looking for and improve the flow of your daily office work inside of a truck.


The bottom bunk in the back of the cab can be purchased with the ability to convert to a work station. Similar to a small booth, the workstation features a flat desk area and seating on both sides. When it comes time to do some office work, a workstation is ideal for spreading papers out, using a laptop, or using a calculator to complete some budgeting. Workstations are durable and make it easy for handwriting things too. This allows you to write checks, prepare letters, and keep all of your office needs intact.

When shopping for a semi-truck with a built-in workstation, it's also a good idea to see how many outlets are available near the workstation. This can help you keep things charged, plugged in, and operating within an arm's reach.

Sky Roof

The back of a sleeper cab can get pretty dark, even during the day. Improve your work environment by adding natural light with a sky roof. Multiple studies have shown that natural light in the office can improve moods, work, and your sleep schedule. A sky roof can dramatically boost your natural light, allow you to read easier, and give you hours of light each day.

Not only will you have some extra natural light, but it can help reduce battery consumption by eliminating the need for extra lights or lamps. This can help save the power in the truck, reduce gas consumption, and decrease your annual spending. Many semi trucks with sleeper cabs have sky roofs installed in them. You can have sky roofs expanded and have additional ones installed.

Shelving Options

The shelves in a sleeper cab can help you organize office accessories and devices. One feature to look for in sleeper cabs are adjustable shelves. This allows you to fit a variety of devices without wasting too much space or forcing items in. For example, if you want to add a printer for your office needs, then you can adjust a shelf so that the printer fits right inside of the shelf. This helps save space on a workstation and gives you easy printer access.

Another shelving option to select from is a locked drawer. These drawers are ideal for holding smaller office accessories like pens, pencils, paper clips, and paper supplies. When the truck is in motion, the locked drawers keep the items contained. When operating the truck, you don't have to worry about large bumps or sharp turns causing your supplies to spill out everywhere.

TV Mounts

A lot of different sleeper cabs include TV mounts for entertainment options while on the road. The same mounts can be used for supporting computer monitors. Larger monitors make it easier to organize files, use budgeting software, and access accounting information. The mounts will save space on a workstation or other working area. With a computer monitor, you can connect laptops, tablets, and small factor desktops.

Phone Jacks

Connecting to the internet is an important aspect of office work. Sending emails, accessing jobs, and using online resources is important to the daily workflow. Instead of relying on a Wi-Fi signal, you can purchase a semi truck with phone jacks built into it. The built-in phone jacks can connect you to a more reliable connection and ensure that your signal does not drop out. Depending on the truck you purchase, the phone jack can connect to its own wireless network, a cable internet connection, or other internet options like satellite internet.

By setting priorities to your office needs, you can select the features that are most wanted for the semi truck. By explaining your needs to the dealer, they can showcase trucks with these features.


8 February 2016