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Tow Truck Service: 3 Tips To Keep In Mind Before Getting A Broken-Down Car Towed To A Lot

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If your car has broken down on the side of the road or cannot be driven after an accident, your best course of action is to call a tow truck service immediately to have your car towed to a lot or to an auto shop. Car owners will often opt to have the car towed to a lot while they sort out the logistics of which auto shop to use. Tow truck services are a lot cheaper than you'd think. Although the fees vary based on where you live, you can expect a typical tow of 5 miles or less to cost anywhere from $35 to $125. Before agreeing to have your car towed away by the towing company, consider the following 3 tips.

Take a Final Look Inside the Car to Remove Valuables, Essentials, and Perishable Items

Although most tow truck companies will have some security on their lot, they can't promise anything. You want to protect yourself by removing any valuable or important items that you might keep in the car. For example, make sure that you haven't left your laptop just sitting in the backseat of your car, as the tow truck service might not be able to guarantee that your car will be completely secure. In addition, most tow truck services will not be held liable in the event of theft.

It's also important to look for and remove perishable food items, like half-eaten sandwiches or a cup of coffee that you might have been still sipping on. You never know how long your car might sit on the lot, and you definitely don't want to have to deal with a moldy sandwich when you pick up your car a week later. Keep in mind that you also don't want to leave any drinks or liquids in the car, as they might spill when the car is being towed.

Sign a Contract Agreement that Specifies the Type of Services You'll Receive

Before letting the tow truck service tow your car away, ask to sign a contract agreement with the tow truck service that will specify the type of services that you will receive. Keep a copy of the contract agreement, as it is a legally biding contract that protects your best interests and your position. Make sure that you look over the contract agreement carefully before you sign on the dotted lines.

You want to make sure that the contract includes details like the number of operators that will be required to tow your vehicle, the type of towing vehicle that will be used, the location of the lot where your car will be towed to, and the total service cost that will be charged to you. Keep in mind that most tow truck services will charge you a storage fee if you keep your car on their lot for an extended period of time. Make sure that the contract clearly states what is the daily cost of keeping your car in their lot. This will ensure that you won't get overcharged in the future.

Pick a Tow Truck Service After You've Asked to See the Company's Credentials

If you've never called a tow truck service before and are unsure of which company to call, you should consider asking to see the tow truck company's credentials before you let them tow your vehicle away. Common documents include licenses and insurance papers. This will allow you to rest assured that the tow truck company will take good care of your car and that they also have proper insurance should an accident happen. 


An experienced tow truck service will not only help you tow your vehicle to the requested lot, but will also deliver the car to an auto shop of your choice. The tow truck service will relocate your vehicle without leaving a scratch on the paint.


15 February 2017