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Add These Accessory Items To Your Truck If It Is Too Tall

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While owning a truck that has a lot of clearance below it is wonderful for going off-road, it can also be a problem when you and your family need to climb into the cab or reach items stored in the bed. If you have just purchased a used passenger truck that is too tall for easy access, then you will be pleased to learn that there are many accessories you can add to your truck to fix this irritating problem, including the following items:

Running Boards

If your truck has an extended cab and you want to avoid the need for multiple sets of steps along the sides, then you should install a pair of running boards. Running boards function like steps while giving your truck a more uniform look. However, running boards that hang too low can be a problem when you are off-roading, so you need to keep this in mind. Running boards are available in a variety of different colors and styles to match your truck's paint job and rim style.

Truck Cab Steps

If you do not like the look of running boards or perhaps have a truck that does not have an extended cab, then a pair of truck cab steps will work well. If you do not like the look of the steps hanging below your truck or are worried about damaging them while you off-road, then you can purchase steps that are retractable. As with running boards, truck steps are available in a variety of finish options.

Truck Bed Steps and Truck Hitch Steps

Finally, if you are unable to reach into your truck's bed while standing on the ground, then a truck bed step or hitch step will help. A truck bed step is installed at a rear corner of your truck and gives you easy access to the back of your truck's bed. If you prefer to have a step that is centered above your trailer hitch, then a truck hitch step is designed for this location. As with running boards and cab steps, both bed steps and hitch steps are available in a wide variety of colors and finish options to match the aesthetic of any passenger truck. Additionally, both bed steps and hitch steps are available in styles that are either stay-in-place or retractable. If you plan to take your new truck off-roading in areas where ground clearance is an issue, then you should always choose retractable step options.   


11 May 2017