Understanding Car Noises

After my car died last summer, I did everything I could to learn what I could have done to prevent the problems. In addition to learning more about the preventive care and maintenance I should have been doing, I also learned how to correctly diagnose different issues, such as warped rotors, low oil pressure, and even incorrect wheel alignment. This blog is all about auto repair, so that you can prevent problems before they manifest themselves in an inconvenient way. You never know, the information on this blog could keep you out of serious trouble or help you to save a little money.

Give It Gas, Fuel Savings, And Performance: 3 Simple Ways To Improve Auto Performance And Mileage Per Tank


Have you noticed that every time you fill up, you are paying more? The price of gasoline does not go down, but your car seems to be burning more. Simple maintenance routines will help with gas mileage, as well as improvements for performance. Here are the best ideas to improve gas mileage and get better performance out of your car:

1. The Right Tires and Maintenance for Better Mileage

Having the right tires on your car makes more of a difference in performance than what you may think. Choose the right size tires to ensure best handling and gas mileage for your car. In addition, check the pressure in your tires regularly to ensure that low pressure is not hampering your fuel consumption. It is best to check tire pressure when you fill your car's tank up with gas and when there are major temperature changes. When the air becomes colder, the pressure in your tires will likely be lower and higher when the weather gets hotter.

2. Better Fuel and Regular Treatment to Clean Injectors

If you are one of those people that always look for the cheapest gas; this is something you may want to change. The premium fuels are a little costlier, but they could also give you better gas mileage and save you from repairs. In addition, make sure to treat the gas in the tank occasionally to clean the fuel injectors.  A cleaner fuel system means better fuel consumption and performance. Some cars may have oxygen sensors and other components that become dirty with build up; cleaning these parts regularly will also help to improve fuel consumption.

3. Clean Filters and Better Fuel Intake for Optimal Performance

Check any fuel filters and other components that get dirty from the buildup of debris in fuels and oil. The fuel, oil and air filters all need to be changed regularly for the best performance and fuel consumption. Installing a cleanable air filter may be a good investment to get better gas mileage and save on regular changes of your air filter. Consider updating your motor with a performance intake system, headers, and other parts. You can get many of these parts from a used auto parts service.

With the right maintenance and improvements to your car, you will get better performance and pay less at the gas station. Contact a used auto part sales company for more information and assistance. 


13 July 2017