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After my car died last summer, I did everything I could to learn what I could have done to prevent the problems. In addition to learning more about the preventive care and maintenance I should have been doing, I also learned how to correctly diagnose different issues, such as warped rotors, low oil pressure, and even incorrect wheel alignment. This blog is all about auto repair, so that you can prevent problems before they manifest themselves in an inconvenient way. You never know, the information on this blog could keep you out of serious trouble or help you to save a little money.

Car Not Running Well? 3 Signs It Could Be The Transmission

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If your car is not running as well as it once did, this can be due to many things, including the transmission. Because this can be an expensive repair, you need to get your car repaired quickly to avoid further problems down the road. To help you better understand, below are three signs that the transmission in your car is in need of repair. You can then find a reputable transmission shop to get your car repaired and running back to normal again.

Changing Gears

As you drive your car, it automatically changes gears. You shouldn't notice this happening, but if you do notice, this is likely due to a transmission issue. For example, as you are driving you may notice your car revving up as it goes from one gear to the next. This is because the transmission gets stuck on one gear and takes more time to get to the other gear. During this process, your engine will keep revving up until it gets to the right gear. 

Slow Take Off

Another sign of a transmission problem is your car hesitating as you go from park into drive. Along with the hesitation, you may notice your car takes longer to get up to the right speed, and it may feel like your car is losing a lot of power. Both of these issues combined can make a big difference in how your car drives. If your car continues getting worse as you are driving, pull over and turn it off. Let it sit for a few minutes and then start the car back up again and get it to a mechanic to have it looked at.

Fluid Leak

If you notice something is leaking under your car, it could be the transmission fluid. Transmission fluid is generally a red color, but if the transmission fluid is very dirty, it will have a dark brown color. A transmission leak can be dangerous because your transmission needs to be properly lubricated with the fluid. For this reason, have the car looked at by a mechanic to repair the leak. If the mechanic finds the transmission fluid is old, they will likely flush the old fluid out and then refill the car with new transmission fluid. For the future, you should ask the mechanic how you can check the transmission fluid levels to better care for your vehicle.

If you notice any problems with your vehicle and are worried that it's a transmission issue, call your local transmission shop for help.


22 May 2019