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Why You Should Buy A Gently Used Semi-Truck

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If it's time for you to purchase a semi-truck — such as if you are an owner-operator, if you are planning on becoming an owner-operator after purchasing your first truck, or if you are buying a semi-truck for your trucking business — then you will need to decide if you want to purchase a brand-new truck or a used truck. Of course, when buying a used semi-truck, you can determine just how much age you want the truck to have on it. You can buy an older semi-truck, or you can buy a newer model truck that is gently used. Going with the latter option might be your best option of all for the reasons below and more.

You'll Probably Pay a Great Price for It

If you have checked out the price tag on some of the brand-new semi-trucks that are out there, you might have experienced a little bit of sticker shock. After all, brand-new semi-trucks can be very expensive. If you buy a gently used semi-truck, however, you can buy a truck that isn't very old for a significantly lower price than you would pay for a brand-new truck. If you're hoping to stick to a budget when buying your semi-truck, this can be a great option.

You Should Be Able to Secure Financing

Securing financing on an older semi-truck can sometimes be difficult. If you buy a gently used semi-truck, however, you shouldn't find it to be too hard to secure financing. In fact, the dealer that you purchase your used semi-truck from might help you with securing financing, too.

It Might Still Have Warranty Coverage

If you buy a much older semi-truck, chances are good that the truck will not have any warranty coverage at all. Some gently used semi-trucks are still under the original warranty, and sometimes, the dealer might offer a short-term warranty on a newer-model used semi-truck.

It Should Have Great Features and Technology

One upside of buying a new semi-truck is the fact that it might come with the newest and greatest technology and features. If you'd like to take advantage of newer features and technology without paying the price of a brand-new semi-truck, you might find that buying a gently used semi-truck is going to be your best option. After all, you should be able to find a truck that is just a couple of years old and that has great technology.

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18 September 2020